Our programs are organized under the theme of Music and Dance. Each of our five signature programs provide unique insight into a specific era and its correlating genre of musical influence. Students are encouraged to explore the impact music had on social, cultural and economic conditions. Through these lessons, students journey through the beat of the drum, a hum of a tune, a tap of a foot to learn the story of the truly original American art forms. Programs were developed to incorporate and align with Common Core standards in English, Mathematics, and Science.

Jazz Violin
From bluegrass to Carnegie Hall, strings come alive combining the electric excitement of the jazz flow with the percussive rhythm of the drum.

The Ballroom Dance Project
Historical and social forms of dance movement is explored and the significance of the musical accompaniment to convey a distinct message in each dance style from the Waltz to the Lindy Hop.

Joy of Jazz/ The Great Jazz Vocal Songbook
The history of Jazz Music and its social importance are the central focus of this program where its flexibility in expression from complex to simple are demonstrated and discussed.

Jazz, Tap and Drum
The masters of ta and rhythm highlight notable facts about the origins of early dance forms. Dance styles and methods are front and center.

Rhythm Kings Ensemble: Al Andulusia to Dizzy
The rhythmic elements of music from around the world are demonstrated through difference yet similar forms united by the Clave rhythm. Correlations are formed between the music of a diverse group of nations including China, West Africa, Spain and many more.

Living and Learning with Gourds
Gourds are at the center of this hands-on inquiry based lesson plan that teaches on the origins, cultural background, the purpose behind the varying shapes of the gourds and how this all relates to the different sound each instrument makes.

Our team is available to provide programs as a complement to your school’s arts curricula or during out-of-school time hours.

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